Community Animal Services is tasked with providing animal control and related bylaw enforcement to manage and resolve concerns related to domestic animals. The City of Lethbridge currently regulates animals through two bylaws, The Dog Control Bylaw 5235 and The Wild or Domestic Animals Bylaw 3383

There is currently no bylaw for the control or keeping of cats within the City of Lethbridge.

 Learn more about common animal issues, and how they can be solved.

Stray or Nuisance Cats (managed intake)

Currently, there is no bylaw regulating the control or keeping of cats in the City of Lethbridge. The animal shelter must manage the intake of strays to ensure the proper care, safety, and health of the animals in our facility. Our goal is to return lost pets to their owners and adopt out those that go unclaimed.

If you have found a stray cat within the City of Lethbridge, please consider the following:

Found a stray cat? Cannot locate an owner? No alternative to sheltering? Click here to learn more about managed intake at the animal shelter.

If you have found an injured or deceased cat in a public space, or orphaned kittens where a mother has not returned in over 8 hours, please call 403-320-4099 (option 1) so an Enforcement Officer can be dispatched.

Nuisance cat on your property?

If a stray cat has become a nuisance on your property, you are encouraged to speak to the cat owner about the issue if possible and use humane methods of deterring the cat if necessary.  Make your property uninviting to the nuisance cats, and eliminate any sources of food and shelter. 

Some humane deterrent options include:

If all reasonable efforts have been made to deter the cat from your yard, intake at the animal shelter may be an option.  All intake of cats is through a triaged waiting list.

Do not bring the cat to the animal shelter without confirmation of intake first.

The animal shelter does not accept the intake of cats caught in private traps.

Enforcement Officers do not respond to general cat complaints.

📝Managing Stray Cats Handout 

Barking Dogs

Complaints of barking dogs are one of the most common reports we receive. Dog owners need to monitor the pet's outside time to mitigate any incidents of excessive barking. 

What would constitute a barking complaint?

If you are experiencing an issue of barking that has created a disturbance; take the following steps.

Dog Attacks and Bites

Dog owners are responsible for ensuring the control of their animals at all times, this includes preventing the dog from being a threat to any person or other animal. The Dog Control Bylaw 5235 for the City of Lethbridge and the Dangerous Dogs Act of Alberta sets out several fines and other enforcement actions in response to incidents where a dog has created a threat or caused an injury to a person or other animal.

 All dog bites should be reported! 

If you have been bitten by a dog, seek medical attention and then report the incident to Community Animal Services as soon as possible by calling 403-320-4099 (option 1) or using the online complaint form. If you are reporting a dog attack/ bite, be prepared to provide the following information:

If you have witnessed an incident where a dog is acting aggressively and creating a threat to people or other animals, report it as soon as possible.

Dog bite prevention.

Remember that any and all dogs can bite and that dogs use their teeth to communicate to you when they are scared or protective of themselves or their space.


The Wild or Domestic Animals Bylaw for the City of Lethbridge regulates the keeping of certain wildlife and livestock type animals. No person shall keep the following within the City of Lethbridge:

This does not apply to land classified "farm" in the Land Use Bylaw, and the keeping of a signal rabbit on a residential property. If you have concerns that someone is keeping livestock or wildlife on a property within the city, you can report it using the online Complaint Form.

Urban Wildlife

Many animals, such as coyotes, foxes and magpies, have readily adapted to life in the city. Permanently removing these species from urban areas is not possible. Removing these animals only leaves vacancies which other animals can fill. Learning to coexist with wildlife is key.

The following simple precautions reduce the risks associated with wildlife in urban settings:

▶️ For issues with nuisance wildlife on your property, please contact a local pest control business. 

▶️ For concerns related to large injured, or dangerous wildlife, contact Alberta Sheriffs Fish and Wildlife Enforcement at 1-800-642-3800.

▶️ For safety concerns about rattlesnakes in public spaces or private yards, call 403-332-6806 in the City of Lethbridge.

▶️ For wildlife concerns in parks and public spaces, call the City of Lethbridge at 3-1-1.