Stray animals that are not claimed from the Lethbridge Animal Shelter are assessed and placed for adoption. The goal of our adoption program is to find a suitable home for each individual pet as soon as possible. View the animals currently available, and learn more about the adoption process below.

 📢  To view or meet the cats and dogs available for adoption, please make an appointment.

 Appointments ensure you have more direct interactions with a possible adoptable pet, and allow our team to better facilitate and streamline the adoption process. Managing the number of visitors in the shelter at a time significantly reduces stress levels for the animals in the facility. or call 403-320-4099 (option 3)


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Adoption process

Step 1: View the animals on our website that are currently available for adoption. Have a conversation with your family and do some research on the type of pet that will work best with your lifestyle. Take time to consider the commitment including the cost and time pet ownership takes. It is important to remember that these shelter pets may have been abandoned, neglected, and not well-socialized. Some of the cats and dogs in the adoption programs were unwanted by their previous owners for one reason or another. Generally, shelter pets will require some commitment from their new owners to work on training, behavior, and socialization.  

Step 2: Contact our office to book a viewing appointment. At this time you will have the opportunity to view and socialize with either the cat or dog you are interested in. You will be able to use our playroom or take the dog for a walk around our property.  Set appointments provide a structured interaction between the animals and potential adopting families, and will allow our team to better facilitate the application process.

Email or call 403-320-4099 (option 3) 

Step 3: If your initial visit is successful we can move to the application and adoption process!

Cats: Adoption for cats is on a first-come, first-served basis and adoption will take place at the time of your visit. Please ensure you bring a pet carrier with you, as the cats must leave in a crate.  After you go through the paperwork and make the payment, you will leave with the cat that day. Cats are not held for pending adoptions.

Dogs: The adoption of dogs is done through an application process.  Those who have found a dog they believe will be a good fit can complete an application form with our staff at the shelter. After your first visit we encourage applicants to book one or two more visits to ensure all members of the family have the opportunity to meet with the pet, as well, our staff are able to observe your interactions with the animal. Review of the dog adoption applications may take up to 7 days. *There is no guarantee of adoption once an application is submitted, and the adoption release date can change at any time without notice.

Step 4: If selected for adoption. New owners will complete the adoption agreement paperwork. You will also need to provide a photo ID (must be 18 years or older to adopt an animal from the shelter) as well as permission from a landowner to have a pet, if you are a renter. You make payment of the adoption fee and register the animal if required.

Community Animal Services and the City of Lethbridge make no guarantees on the health or temperament of adoptable animals. Due to the fact that most animals in the care of the shelter are found as strays, it is difficult to provide any history. The animal adoption agreement through Community Animal Services allows for a 14-day return of an animal that may be sick or injured. Once an animal is adopted from the Lethbridge Animal Shelter, the adopter is the legal owner and is solely responsible for all continuing care of the pet.

What's included

All animals placed for adoption are the same cost. The following is included in the adoption fees:

*If at the time of adoption the animal is too small or young (kittens and puppies) a voucher will be issued to have them spayed or neutered and microchipped at a later date.

Adoption cost

Dogs     $220.00 plus applicable license fee.

Cats     $180.00 plus applicable license fee.

  Questions?  Email: