Pet registration is the foundation of responsible pet ownership and befits all pet owners as a whole. The Dog Control Bylaw 5235 for the City of Lethbridge requires that all dogs 6 months of age and older are to be registered by the owner and renewed yearly. Any person found to be in the care or control of an unlicensed dog is subject to fines starting at $150.

What is the purpose of a pet license?

Registering a pet:

Initial pet registration must be done in person at either of the two locations. Your annual renewal can be done online.

M - F  9am to 6pm

Sat   11am to 5pm

Sun and stats closed

     M - F 8:30am to 4:30pm

Closed on stats

You do not need to bring your pet with you in person; however, you will need the following to register your cat or dog.

It is highly recommended to supplement your pets' tags, with a properly registered microchip.

Dog Fanciers License:

An owner wishing to keep more than two dogs, to a maximum of four, must first apply for a dog fanciers license. Apply online.

Yearly License Fees:

$50.00 – Not fixed and no microchip or tattoo (ID)

$45.00 – Not fixed but has either a microchip and/or tattoo

$25.00 – Fixed but no microchip or tattoo

$20.00 – Fixed and has a microchip and/or tattoo

$20.00 – Fancier’s License (per year) 

$150.00 - Aggressive Dog

Free      -  Service Dog

$10.00 - One-time cat license

Your dog license expires yearly on December 31, and must be renewed before January 1. You should receive a renewal notice in the mail in late November. If you need to change any of your registration information, or no longer require a dog license, you must contact us to update or adjust the account. Call 403-320-4099.


Pet licenses and tags are not transferable. If a pet has been rehomed, a new license will need to be purchased by the new animal owner.

What are license fees used for?

It is important that you license your pet and make the annual payment, as these fees are used to support City of Lethbridge programs and services.

Pet microchipping:   

Questions?  Email: