Community Animal Services - Care & Control is responsible for animal control and related bylaw enforcement in the City of Lethbridge. We operate the City of Lethbridge Animal Shelter which provides care and housing to stray cats and dogs from the community and, acts as a resource hub for responsible pet ownership programs and services.

 Community Animal Services provides the following services to the citizens of Lethbridge and their pets;


Promote responsible pet ownership through education, community support, enforcement, and public service. 


Communities that are safe, happy, and healthy for people and pets.





Community Animal Services employs sworn Enforcement Officers who are appointed under the Municipal Government Act to investigate offenses and enforce animal-related bylaws within the City of Lethbridge; they are considered Peace Officers in the execution of their duties. Our team works varied schedules 7 days a week in order to respond to animal control-related complaints, pick up of stray dogs and assist local Police, Fire and Emergency Services, the Alberta SPCA, and Alberta Sheriffs Fish and Wildlife. Our team holds memberships with the National Animal Care and Control Association and the Alberta Municipal Enforcement Association. All staff participates in ongoing continued education and training programs.

Community Animal Services operates a Fear Free Shelter! Our team participates in continued education and training programs that focus on reducing fear, anxiety, and stress for the animals in the shelter environment. Some Fear Free practices include managing the intake of stray cats to maintain an appropriate population within the facility and reducing environmental stimuli such as frequent movement, loud noise, and bright lights. Staff will use techniques such as a considerate approach and touch gradient when handling animals.  

We also adhere to the Best Management Practices for Animal Shelters and Rescues as recommended by the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association.

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